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Welcome to the Reality Avoidance Therapists (R.A.T.) website-o'-fun. Dedicated to showing the world that it takes itself too seriously, speaking cynical about technology, and showcasing our immense talents by giving our amusing textphiles a place on the Web to reside. There is no ShockWave, Java scripts or applets, ActiveX, SmartTags, or other flashy crap here (we are believers [but not necessarily strict adherants] in the W3C standards; if this doesn't look right, get a better browser!) so all pages load quicklike regardless of browser or connection, allowing you to focus on the subject of the site: the brilliance of our writing. The guestbook and counter CGI's came with the webspace. This place gets updates regularly? so if you think this place is swell, or if you think it sucks, either way, come back in a week month or two and see what we've done to change your opinion.

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If you have comments about the site, just want to let us know you came by, you know any or all of us, or you want
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