Bill Ding cartoon

Let's start simple. This is Bill Ding. Every cartoon is prefaced with a heavy bold "BILL DING says:" courtesy of the newspaper. It's unclear why he's such an authority, but that's part of how advertising works: Woodsy Owl says "Give a hoot, don't polute!" Smokey The Bear says "Only you can prevent forest fires." Tommy Toilet says... well, you'll have to see the old R.Crumb poster for that, but it is good advice. Bill Ding is an expert on making home repairs because, uh, he's made of plywood? His first appearance in the local paper was in mid-1967.
Bill tends to strike a phallacentric stance, to put it bluntly. It must be some sort of 'wood' humor. Also you will notice his big round shadow, which defies the common laws of physics regarding light. Another thing you will notice in a lot of these pieces is that the four-line rhyme which accompanies the graphic isn't exactly Shakespeare. Was there a whole staff at "Local Trademarks, Inc." with a department that wrote the copy and laid out the concepts then sent their material to the art department to be illustrated, or was this all one guy doing everything thus lousy rhymes did not have to be run past anyone else?
Rejected ad slogan:
Husband or wife,
Your mother too -
Bill's next lover
It could be YOU

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