Bill Ding cartoon

Bill in his high pimpin' style, complete with smirk. Bill Ding is a bad mother... Shut yo' mouth! I'm just talkin' 'bout Bill... This is probably the most jazzed you'll see anyone get over the prospect of a kitchen remodel, unless your cooking area is tantamount to using a hotplate in the bathroom. I suppose that in 1967 not all meals were drawn directly from the freezer or whipped up in under 20 minutes courtesy of a box from the pantry and the microwave. I also suppose that any kitchens which were designed or redesigned in late 1960's are in need of a remodel now because they again look old-fashioned and passé...
Rejected ad slogan:
The menfolk know I'm a player
My popularity does scare 'em -
I keep the housewives satisfied,
Just ask my happy harem

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