Bill Ding cartoon

First, I have to apologise for the image quality. Not only was it grey in the paper, but the picture I took (I used a camera instead of a photocopier for most of the images) was a bit blurry. There was some touchup work done, as you can tell by the side of Bill's face and the body lettering.
Another two-line poem, this time resorting to sexism; only a man can read the blueprints for construction, even though the woman has been using sewing patterns for years. (Looking at what she's wearing, maybe it is best that he does the diagram reading...) This strip runs counter to strip #2, which says that women should help their men. And then there's the contraction "we've" used to save a little space, which isn't a bad thing but usually when 'have' is the main verb it doesn't get contracted: think about we've crablegs verses we have crablegs or we've got crablegs. Bill once again has his crotch-covering DO IT YOURSELF (read: DO ME) sign.
Rejected ad slogan:
I'm not going to help you
Here's a simple line -
I just sell you the materials
So now please read this sign

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