new Bill Ding in hardware ad footer

And then in the winter of 1968, suddenly there was a change in our wooden friend. Actually, this came from the bottom of a full-page sale ad run in March, but no strips with the redesigned Bill ran until near the end of the year in this newspaper. You will see other style differences as well in the final six ads. I'm sure there were plenty more new-Bill strips, but the local audience didn't get to see them because the hardware store above advertised their Going Out Of Business clearance sale on January 1, 1969 [thus my blotting the phone number]. Below is a 5-color lithograph paper sign which was used in in-store advertising... and he has an authentic shadow!
I still haven't heard from anyone who has copies of Bill's appearances in their local papers — anyone?? — so the story ends shortly.

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new Bill Ding in advertising sign