Bill Ding cartoon

If this was the movies, someone would shout "continuity!" and you'd be reading about this on a movie bloopers website. Bill is holding a pointer but he doesn't have an easel and isn't pointing something out. He's enormous again, towering over the farm, and while some may say "that's an illusion, he's standing up close" please notice that the bottom of the sign is behind the ranch so once again the physics of dimension are being screwed with. His familiar round shadow has replaced the sky.
The source of this graphic was not properly mounted on the newspaper's master, which is why the left side of the ad is kind of sketchy and I had to attempt to repair what was not printed solidly in the paper. The missing asymetric eyebrows are my fault, I forgot to insert them.
Rejected ad slogan:
Height, proportion,
Ground and sky
The laws of perspective
To Bill do not apply

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