R.A.T. likes...

Most vanity websites have some list of links the creators think are cool. We're no different. We scoffed at that procedure, then we realized: maybe folks know of some neat places and useful noncommercial programs? With that in mind, we encourage everyone to laugh at anyone who has put a link to Yahoo! on their page (like anyone doesn't know who they are and how to get there?) and snicker at the adult sites with "I Don't Accept" links which go to Disney (isn't that a hoot? Disney gets all this traffic from sex sites!!). If you're one of the guilty, then laugh at yourself. Immediately. Do it. Say to yourself, "Are they low on traffic? Can I help them in their hour of need?" Then find your own damn links. Ours qualifies... link our front page! Okay, same deal with software, namely browsers. Internet Exploder and Nutscrape are the de facto browsers for Windows and Mac OS, and chances are you got to the site which has pimps for those items *with those items*. If you are reading this under a none-of-the-above product (and we salute you!), either you consciously chose not to go with either of those browsers or the OS you're using (and we salute you!) doesn't have a port. Promote some product which doesn't have an advertising budget in the billions and doesn't try to take over your computer. The authors will appreciate that.

Chrome #1 suggests:

Slackware is still my preferred distro after all these years. If you're cheap (or broke), get it from linuxcd.org.

OpenMOSIX is good for your HPC / HA needs, or for rehabilitating several over-the-hill PC's.

coLinux aspires to provide a more peaceful coexistance between Linux and Windows.

OpenOffice keeps improving compatibility with everything in existance. If you're in need of office productivity apps, check it out.

Nethack was the first game to inspire me to write a bug report.

ProgressQuest is the game for those with no free time. Now with an improved 3D mode.

Abysmal Realms isn't a bad place to visit, if you have a little too much free time.

TeamLTK runs some nice SoF2 servers, if shoot-em-ups are more your style.

Seti@Home: Have spare CPU cycles to burn? Donate them to finding E.T.

FightAids@Home: Another extremely worthy project. Still waiting for that linux client though.

Check out Jay's place.

The Temple of the Screaming Penguin is your One-Stop shopping center for Linux News.

Combined News Console is lots of security news, brought to you by rootsecure.net.

Mushroom #2 suggests:
"Mushy is a Windoze user," he says with head bowed...

The Truth The Truth is... Excellent site! [Flash needed]
browser! Opera web browser. The world's fastest browser!
IrfanView IrfanView image viewer. Simply the best.
CDex CDex ripper -- the only WAV/MP3 util that works for me, and it's free!
Unshelved Unshelved - a hilarious daily cartoon about working in a library.
Kangoo Jumps Kangoo Jumps springy shoes, they're excellent exercise!
Lileks.com Lileks.com - My Daybook and recovered art are inspired by James Lileks' site.
Tech Support Comedy TechComedy.com – Tech support is hell. I post as "Mushroom" frequently.
CDR SoftCDR Soft – Best source of CD burning software
CD Freaks CD Freaks – Best source of DVD/CDRW news.
Textfiles.com 30,000 oldschool text files, it's mindblowing!
Daily RottenThe Daily Rotten, news you cannot possibly use. Funny and true.
Sublime Directory, POD linkSublime's Picture of the Day is always funny, sometimes stupid, usually adult.

Emmer #3 suggests:
First and foremost, she suggests bathing.

The Star Wars Pants page - May the pants be with you always.
CarTalk - Even computer geeks need to drive. Listen to the car geeks!
AFDB - Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie: An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control
The 73 Gremlin Page - Dedicated to the ugliest car ever produced