Other Files We've Created

Mushy spliced together some sounds on the //gs for use as "you've got mail" indicators. These are all WAVs, sampled at 11kHz mono so they'll work on any machine (even something 6502-based) and are between 13k and 46k in size. Credit to you-know-who for the core sample used in all of these.

Originally used as Apple //gs rSounds!
BullMailNothing up Bullwinkle's sleeve...
DickMailFrom "Grumpy Old Men"
Got37From "Clerks"
HeyMailIt's the Electric Company!
Mailbox Ever yelled into a mailbox?
MailEchoYou've Got MailMailMailMail...

Mushy fontified his wife's handwriting: Paigeroo Hand (PC TrueType).   sample image
Mushy also made a bunch of desktop backgrounds, a.k.a. a dozen swell pictures ZIP'd (941k).  See the montage!

Here's a photo Emmer took of the Columbia River (1180x786, 214k). Very nice!

Opening page graphic #1: Milo Lum from the Honolulu Advisor, 4/6/1942
Opening page graphic #2: A clearer version of the ads from the July 1952 Gay Love (650x1008, 148k).
Mushy loves to grow Schizanthus wisetonensis, Poor Man's Orchid.
MushScience: What happens if you soak a GummiBear in a glass of water for 2 days?
Anyone else here remember Cap'n Crunch's Choco-Crunch? Chockle! Chockle!
Mushy has a valid reason to believe Microsoft sucks. Notice the date.
Here's that picture of The Polar Bear's neon sign mentioned in 4/02's Rant.
Here's the computer glitch Mushy showed Pizza hut, mentioned in the 4/30/02 Daybook: The Schlonger Order!
An image older than us, unknown origin (thanks to Amy Weiss): Miss Bhummphuque Brew!