The Rotating Rant

Mmm, homemade pet stew! (1965)

I hate to get political two posts in a row but, ya know, time passed and my predictions came true. And then some, since I hadn't envisioned our Congress being such poopyheads. So the real basis of this rant is not that the people who can get things accomplished won't "get out and push" as instructed last post, and stop with the obstructionist bullshit wherein they won't even follow through on their own plans if the president's name gets attached to the bill, but that somehow the American public re-elected 90% of these do-nothings during midterms. Seriously, people? You complain about how nothing is getting done in government – whether you blame the president for Congress sitting on their hands or not – then put the same people who are doing nothing back into office? You get the government you deserve, and it's unfortunate the rest of the country is stuck with that government too.   --#2


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