The R.A.T. Philes are dated by now; we can just call them classics.

alliknow.txt All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From BBS's

begingid.txt The Cynic's Guide to Getting Started in Computing

comprel.txt Cynic's Guide to Computer Relationships

define.txt A Cynic's Guide to Computer Terms

netguide.txt The Cynic's Guide to Networking

rat.txt Reality Avoidance Therapy for The Novice

sysdesc.txt System Description of the IroningBoard PongBBS

what_rat.txt What is a R.A.T.?  by R.A.T. #2

windoze.txt The Cynic's Guide to Windoze

rattag.txt R.A.T. Taglines collection 1

rattag2.txt R.A.T. Taglines collection 2

And a preview of recent works in progress:

define_2.txt The updated guide to computer terms

thotz.txt New random thoughts as they fall.

The Lost R.A.T. Philes

ratrules.txt Basic rules of being a R.A.T. -- unordered, unfinished

ratnotez.txt Interoffice memo of stuff to include in future files

adrat.txt Advanced Reality Avoidance Therapy. Still lost. We've written it twice...

R.A.T. #3's works. This part is more ongoing than the other two characters' works. :)

WTW 1 White Trash Weekly #1

WTW 2 White Trash Weekly subscription form

WTW 2b Another satisfied customer!

WTW 3 An expose' on Santa Claus.

Dodge Good descriptive writing lession

Ode Ode to my Computer, the piece that it is...

Angie Difficulty in dialog between parent and child

Frank Christmas story to remember

The following aren't cannonical R.A.T. Philes, but are from the same time period and/or are random writings which don't fit succinctly into being a R.A.T.phile. Call them the Apocrypha.

class.txt Chrome goes off to/on military school

TheZoo.txt Fun things to do at the zoo!

changes.txt So a R.A.T. walks into a college....

dolphin.txt A dolphin and a pimp walk into a bar...

thanx.txt Thank-you's to various folks back in the day...

rant001.txt R.A.T. #1 ranting.

quotes.txt A list of quotes Chrome found noteable

chr_tens.txt A poem

dreams.txt Another poem

liberat.txt Yet another poem

amber.txt Still another poem

AtariAge.txt Index of Atari Age Magazine issues