Another lost moment in a found photo
After being forced to stay at the table until she ate her carrots, Tabitha
decided it was time for her to make a break for it. While her parents were
busy watching Jeopardy! she slipped out the back door and ran away.
Contrary to popular kid belief, she didn't join the circus... she joined an
investment banking firm, living in an empty cubicle for the first two months
until she had enough pay saved up to get herself an apartment and a tricycle.

if the banking gig didn't work out, she was going to join a real estate
agency and every night she'd 'test' the houses that she was trying to sell.
Okay, if you really want to know: The back of the photo says that she was
trying to show her mother this squirrel at the back door, which had run
away by the time her mom got to the door with a camera, ergo her crying.

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