Another lost moment in a found photo
Brock was the star quarterback for his state-winning high school football team and garnered
seven scholarships to various colleges based upon his scholastic record in addition to his
sports accomplishments. People thought he was a really great guy, always friendly and witty
and smart. This didn't seem to touch the fact that he was pretty damn ugly. He was of course
nominated homecoming king, but the head cheerleader who'd been elected queen "had other plans"
after the big game involving her church group (and/or three four-packs of peach wine coolers,
four popular girls, and three of the defensive linemen). Determined to make a good night of
Homecoming, he surprised everyone by bringing the one person who had no problem with being seen
in public or dancing with him during slow songs: his sister Nadean, who was in the fourth grade.
At first there was the expected "he-brought-an-underclassman?!" snickering, but they'd had lessons together for a
couple years at Arthur Murray so when they hit the floor there soon were cheers; they were the best dancers there.

I thought I'd start with a sweet story. Nadean's 1977 school photo came from an antique store in Puyallup WA.

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