Another lost moment in a found photo
"Duuuude! Grapes are fuckin' awesome!"

This monthly update will be a bit different than usual (also): rather than grabbing random images and writing something humorous, I'm posting my favorite unused-so-far pictures from the six folders I draw from for this site (Cute, Drunk, Girls, Inanimate, Odd, Other – posted in that order today) and saying a few words about what attracted me to them. Inside The Spackle Studio. Next month, it's back to the witty stuff. And for the first time in months I'm getting this up on time! I don't say it enough: Thank you for reading Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul, whether you come here regularly or this is your first and only visit.
I almost let it go... The domain expired in late September and the bank was tardy in ordering a replacement debit card so I was out a payment method until Oct 1. Happily my registrar offered me a grace period and when I thought all was lost they emailed to give me one last chance. I wasn't really feeling it recently anyway, but then I got an email from a reader asking when I was going to be back. That did something for me. I still don't update the main site like I should, but I have found some renewed sense of why I do this at all. Now, I really gotta work on that Bill Ding revamp and interview transcript...
Image: I bought two disposable cameras at a Goodwill in Tacoma, had them developed at Costco, and both were from some eclectic group's picnic at a park. The kid just had that look.

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