Another lost moment in a found photo
Everyone made fun of little blonde Shelly, until in 1944 she became Spackletown's only mechanic.
And when the war was over, for a decade 3/4 of the townspeople trusted only her garage over 'the
other guys'. When she retired from the shop in 1960 to teach at the voc-tech school the other six
garages in town held celebrations – and for years after immediately hired students she'd taught.

I wanted to make a happy story out of a common postwar sexist practice, trying to get women who'd
been working in the world to go back to the kitchen now that the menfolk were back. Shelly didn't
subscribe to that and kept it up, much to the chagrin of her competition, who may have though she
was 'just a girl' yet secretly admired that this woman knew automobiles somewhat better than they did,
and had complete faith in any student that had the honor of being taught by her as being educated well.

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