Click on the picture to play or download the video - 460k in AVI format, 17 seconds
Another lost 17 seconds
Do you remember that scene from American Pie where Jim's buddies
watch him do a striptease for Nadia on the webcam? Matt surely does, or will.

Found on a hard drive purchased at a used computer parts store, near the Tacoma Mall (City of
Destiny, WA). The lessons here are as such: #1, you should FORMAT or FDISK your drives before
selling them; #2, you should not let other play with your camera and editing tools, especially if
you feel the need to act like a dumbass on camera; #3, if anyone's going to perform a striptease on
the family camera, for gawd's sake let it be a young woman! (I have still pictures of his wife, too.)
There was also a WAV of Monty Python's "The Penis Song (Not By Noel Coward)" and a lot of
photos of him with 2-4 other males on camping trips acting really bizarre. Is there some connection?
edited with FadeToBlack 2.2.5 at 40% compression for quick download; the original was much clearer.

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