These text were seen on the BBS's of old. Most of these were ported over from an Apple //e.

101ways.txt 101 Ways to better the world   Our first inspiration!

Alphie.txt Alfred E. Neuman image

beavbutt.txt Beavis and Butthead!

BobDobb1.txt J.R. "Bob" Dobbs image 1

BobDobb2.txt J.R. "Bob" Dobbs image 2

boring.txt Things to do during a boring lecture

300BPS.txt 101 things to do with a 300 baud modem

ClassList.txt A list of required courses for men

Womens.txt A men's rebuttal of Classlist.txt

cowpoke.txt ASCII of a couple of cows

crow.txt ASCII of Crow T. Robot

crunchy.txt "The Crunchy Frog" sketch (Monty Python?)

cuss_b4.txt The Night Before Christmas, foul language

dead.txt A Twelve-Step Program for the Dead

DOS_Upon.txt DOS Upon A Midnight Dreary...

DownFront.txt ASCII of the MST3k crew in action

flame.txt Standard flameage form

f_you.txt A message from Bill's Bad BBS

gerbils.txt The Gerbil Genesis

Gumby.txt Man has sex with Gumby and tells the tale

hacker.txt Rabid Rasta's "Real Pirate's Guide"  Classic!

HAL_IBM.txt What if.... HAL was IBM compatable?

He-She.txt The politically correct He Said / She Said

homo.txt A message from the Blue Light Special BBS

Kent's Sigs A long list of taglines we wish we'd written (though we have used)

level.txt How to keep a proper level of insanity in your day.

op-air.txt If Operating Systems were airlines...

Love.c How to fall in love, a C program.

MSTpix.txt ASCII of the MST3k crew

Mushbaby.txt A poem Chad "Dumpage" Jennings wrote about R.A.T. #2 :)

MIASS.txt Info on Manufacturing Information Access Software System (MIASS)

nerdtest.txt The old 200-question Nerd Test

rfc2795.txt The Infinite Monkeys Protocol Suite Nice read!

sausage.txt The Sausage Conspiracy!

sexrules.txt Murphy's Laws of Sex

shitlist.txt What a flexible word Shit is!

sexy_b4.txt The Night Before Christmas, sexy

shits.txt Info on Support Helpdesk Induced Trauma Syndrome (SHITS)

TechForm.txt Form from tech support customers should submit before waiting on hold for an hour.

tech_b4.txt The Night Before Christmas, techie

spam.txt ASCII of a can of Spam. Useful?

StackOcows.txt ASCII - A huge list of cows

TechWife.txt A call to Wife 1.0 tech support

toadsuck.txt Toad suckers!

tom.txt ASCII of Tom Servo

training.txt Special High Intensity Training factsheet

WalMart.txt Fifty suggestions of fun stuff to do in Wal-Mart!

wang.txt A message from Leyland Manor BBS

woman.txt Material data sheet on a dangerous element

worship.txt ASCII of a cow to avoid