R.A.T. Biographies

Chrome - R.A.T. #1

Mushroom Said:
The rough details: He's the cute R.A.T. Single, still youngish, <blah, blah, blah...>
I say:
     R.A.T. #1 was born in Illinois and wandered everywhere for a while. Dropped off in Yakima, WA for about fourteen years where he developed a loathing for the public school system, and he met a lot of good people and a few life-long friends. Wanderlust being in the family, so to speak, he eventually moved away, joined the Army for four years, was released, didn't learn anything so joined the Washington Army National Guard, got stoplossed into Iraq for a year, and now is free. Current plans mainly include finishing college, to receive a Comp Sci degree or something eventually. Linux is his preferred OS, and his personal pages are down right now as far as you know.

Mushroom - R.A.T. #2

     He's the other R.A.T. He likes to look and touch, appears as old as he acts, and was a tech support entity for the world's second largest ISP (and always getting bigger, apparently) which has made him even more cyber-cynic than he was back in R.A.T.'s salad (or cookie) days. Friendly to all platforms, old and new, but you honestly shouldn't believe one of those set-top or game console devices is going to do more than let you read your email... if that. PDA's shouldn't contain cell phones, cell phones shouldn't contain web browsers. A more thorough bio can be found here, like you care.
Version: 3.12
G! d- s:- a+>19 C++ !U L W N++ w(--) !O M- PS+ PE(+)(-) !PGP t- !5 !X() R* tv b(+) DI++>+++++ D---- e++ h--- r+++ y**

Emmer - R.A.T. #3

     She became an official R.A.T. in August '00, but was one in spirit since R.A.T.'s inception in '92. She, and she repeats She, is the artistic one. Musically talented, she has won many a competition for her skills (trombone, voice, piano), and has been in international photography shows as well. Currently resides in Idaho, but was born and raised in the Yakima Valley. She has known R.A.T.s #1 and #2 for a very long time. She is in her early 20's. If you really feel the need to pester her, you can inquire here and put something about R.A.T. in the subject line, or she will ignore your message. She get lots of love notes, but watch yourself because she's a married woman who produced a daughter in Sept '08, thus she's the only R.A.T. who has willingly reproduced. Bathe before you write, please. Oh, and it's pronounced EEE-mer.

As for the site in general...

     If you have comments about the site, want to let us know you came by since we don't have a real counter or guestbook, you know any or all of us from school or the Yakima BBS's or whatever, or you're a female who wants to send two guys a photo of your bare chest (or are a nice looking guy who bathes, for Emmer), please write us this instant at the address on the front page. Don't wait, don't hesitate, Write R.A.T. -- do it now while it's fresh in your mind.