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My name is Brian but please, call me Mushroom. I'm originally from the town of Toppenish, WA (City Of Murals, Where The West Still Lives) but you couldn't pay me to go back. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science and English from an independent college which shall remain nameless (sorry, Sister K.) which I have yet to find a use for. I've had relationships. No children, but my garden looks pretty good most of the time. My primary computer was an Apple //gs, and to keep up with techology I've built a 486/133 that thinks it's a P-75 out of thrift-store parts, then a Duron 800 which I have overclocked to 880 MHz. Do not diss on the Apple // line, save your snide comments for their snotty stepsiblings the Macs. I'm a serious fan of New Wave music cuz frankly the 80's rocked and 90's/00's music sucks.
disclaimer: There's an unwritten rule that says when a person leaves the Yakima Valley, they must put a link to some Yakima website on their own page. I take no responsibility for the rediculous background MIDI which plays on the above link, but hey, two points for ingenuity to the person responsible. Then a severe flogging during the Western Washington Wine Fest, after everyone's good and soused. Yakima's official ``comedian`` Bob Clem will be the opening act and first flog-ee.

I'm one of the founding members of R.A.T., the Reality Avoidance Therapists. One of R.A.T.'s tenets is that most people who have webpages have no valid reason for them. I am no exception to the rule, since I don't have a product to sell and I'm not very narcissistic; heck, the one thing I would want to share, the R.A.T. Philes, are up on the R.A.T. page. (Yes, we'll be grinding out more again RSN... in fact, define_2.txt is a work-in-progress viewable there!)

For fun, I used to beta-test and dox-write for Lysergic Software, makers of fine Apple // wares such as 2qwk! the QWK offline reader, QFix the filename tweaker (Apple ProDOS doesn't like filenames starting with numbers or having nonalphanumeric characters, and QFix patches ProDOS so folks can live in a PC-based world), FontPimp the PC<->GS TrueType util, and a few other things. Hello Tom! LSW doesn't have a webpage so the files are on the usual FTPs, specifically Caltech, Ground, and if it's up.

I have two hobbies of note: one is 80's Atari videogame cartridge collecting and sales (2600/7800/Lynx) -- anyone got some games in the attic they're willing to part with? -- and the other is this thing here.
You can me at the link on the front page if there's anything to further discuss.

aloha...Or In Other Words......oy!

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